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Step-By-Step Guide on POEMS Account Opening

Click HERE to open a POEMS account. OR download POEMS 2.0 app to open account.

Select Cash Management Ac. Key in your CDP ac 1681-XXXX-XXXX. Tick trading, multi-currency, Smart Park and SBL facilities. Click continue. If you do not have a CDP ac click HERE Upon approval of your CDP ac no, you may then proceed to open a trading ac with Poems in the next few days.

Click continue and retrieve with myInfo

Fill in your particulars.

Specify TR CODE: BDL and make sure that KOAY SOO THENG appears so that the form will reach Louis Koay. Add a picture of your signature. Click next. And confirm.

You will receive a watsapp notification from my personal assistant Mavis when your account is ready. Please drop her a message at 97698748 if you need help

What People Say About Us

First time i come across a remiser that does webinar of the markets & investment analysis & sharing part of full of his investments, I think it's remarkable.Talk the walk & walk the talk !I believe you will do very well in future, only if you are stock ! You definitely a promising stock that I will buy quite a bit!

Ben Lee

Group Member
Louis is very responsive to my queries about investments. He is resourceful and take the effort to explain the financials reasons why we should invest or not to invest in a stock.This help me to be more confident in my investment decision.


Group Member
Louis is hones and hardworking. He is knowledgeable and very generous in sharing. A reliable person one can count on; very responsive at all times. Highly recommend him as your financial consultant.

Shiok Eng

Group Member
He is very knowledgeable and professional when handles our questions or issues. Plus he is willing to share his knowledge through our monthly meeting. Rarely we have such committed financial adviser or remisier able to do this months after months. This is very encouraging and useful for our members, as this sharing session will definitely take up a lot of time to prepare and update us. I can see tremendous amount of efforts he has put in every month to make sure we are well informed and educated. Great work done! Thank you very much, Louis for your sharing and great assistance! Really appreciate!

KC Chong

Group Member
Query promptly and professionally attended to. Daily update on the market summary. Inform us when is away and who to look for if in need. Great services provided. Keep it up!

Siang Ann

Group Member

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