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Money Strategies for Working Adults

9th Feb 2022

About The Webinar

New Year New Money Strategies

According to OCBC financial wellness index survey, 52% of Singaporean do not review their financial planning…

Most working adults are too busy to engage in their own personal finance and investments. Yet, most of us want to win the money game as busy working adults. Although day to day, we are diligently working hard to get promotions, increments and bonuses, we should not allow our money to idle in the bank account.

What we should do is to let our money work as hard for us to achieve better income and cash flow. Do not just live through life without thinking about our personal finance.

Attend this 2-hour webinar and learn about the various Money Strategies for Working Adults:

Note: This is a pure information sharing webinar. No product selling and not a preview for any high price workshop.

Holistic Financial Planning is Essential

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